Some skills, when used with 1 or more other skills will produce an extra effect.

Hack & SlashEdit

When both skills are used in the same turn, it will collect all tiles on the board and produce a new random board. Hack and Slash will not stack with Treasure Chamber to get a full board of coins.

Treasure Chest + any collect item skillEdit

Will provide up to two full screens of coins.

Treasure Chest + Heal/Repair + MasochismEdit

Do not collect any tiles until the end of this combo!!!

Make sure there are enough swords on the board to kill normal skulls (position doesnt matter)!!!

1. Use Treasure Chest.

2. Use Heal and/or Repair. All new tiles will be coins.

3. Use Masochism to gain a full board of swords and skulls. Collect this board.

4. You gain a full board of 36 coins. Collect.


  • High amounts of experience and gold
  • Always +1 permanent armor when used with Halfling (Guts)
  • Daring gives 100% bonus chance on step 4 making this board worth 60 or more gold!


  • Requires 4 skills.
  • Some bosses can interfere with this combo almost always killing you . Kill those before starting. Very dangerous are meatshield or vengeful.

When playing like this always use "+exp/skull", "+gold/coins" and "+upgrade/shield" items. This will make 3-4 itemupgrades and 3-4 levelups per combo possible!

Heal + Dazzle + Scavenge + Boost ArmourEdit

Get up to five Item Upgrades with this combo every 5 turns and unlock Blunt, Regen, and Spikes faster than any other combo!

1. Use HEAL to clear out the potions.

2. Use DAZZLE to change the coins into swords.

3. Use SCAVENGE to change the swords into shields.

4. BOOST ARMOUR to double the effect of collecting shields.

5. Collect all the shields.


  • Shield based Item Upgrades are the best upgrades in the game.  This combo allows you to invest in the three most important upgrades ASAP: Up (Shield), XP, and Coin in that order.
  • Insane levels of Regen and Spikes.
  • Consolidates the monsters at the bottom.  Playing as the Ranger? Swipe them all with poison on your weapon to half their damage output and let them die down there against your spikes.
  • Keeps your armour filled which allows blunt and spikes to work.
  • Fighting a Mage or other important baddy? Collect the potions and then use Dazzle to fill the screen with needed swords to take the baddies all out.  Only have to wait 5 turns continue your combo.
  • All skills at level 10 with Quicken on an item have a 5 turn cooldown.  Keeps the combo tight and dependable.
  • Between combo turns you can hunt down monsters, gain XP, and level up your skills to the 5 turn cooldown state.

Con:  Uses all four skills.

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