Perks & flaws are special effects that can be applied on a character, and that are always active. Perks are positive effects and flaws are negative effects. Each class begins with 1 perk and 1 flaw that are characteristic of that class. Later, as the class levels up, more slots open up and it is possible to add more perks & flaws (up to 4 each) or change any perk or flaw for another that has been unlocked (by unlocking another class). For each perk added, a flaw must be added as well.

Class perk: Cunning (-1 cooldown for the 4th skill chosen)
Class flaw: Sneaky (All enemies have +1 health)

Class perk: Strong (+1 base damage)
Class flaw: Reckless (-10% bonus shield chance)

Class perk: Gifted (5% of healing potions spawn as mana potions. If a skill is undergoing a cooldown period, collecting a mana potion will reduce that cooldown by 1 turn)
Class flaw: Frail (-10 maximum health)

Class perk: Intimidating (Mortal enemy appears 50% less often than usual)
Class flaw: Zealous (Special skulls appear 1 turn earlier than usual)

Class perk: Faithful (double effect from regeneration upgrades)
Class flaw: Cautious (-20% armor piercing)

Class perk: Daring (100% bonus chance for tracing 10+ tiles)
Class flaw: Cocky (Matching only 3 tiles gives you nothing)

Class perk: Agile (5% of swords spawn as arrows instead. Arrows can match enemies 1 tile away)
Class flaw: Slim (-1 armour)

Class perk: Frugal (+10% bonus gold chance)
Class flaw: Clumsy (3% of shields spawn as broken, which can be matched with regular shields but will not give any defense points)

Class perk: Tough (+10 to maximum health)
Class flaw: Noisy (Special skulls have +5% health)

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