The Rogue is one of the 10 classes available for play. It can be unlocked by killing special enemies, which sometimes will drop trophies. If playing with the Adventurer class, the trophy will have a 100% chance of unlocking any class & race, which may be the Rogue or any other class not already unlocked. If playing with another class than the Adventurer, the trophy will have a 50% chance of leveling that class up, and a 50% chance of unlocking a new class & race.

Unlocking the Rogue also unlocks the race: Sauren

Class perk: Frugal (+10% bonus gold chance)

Class flaw: Clumsy (3% of shields spawn as broken, which can be matched with regular shields but will not give any defense points)

Class skill: Greed (Kill every enemy positioned next to a coin. Special skulls are immune to this effect)

Basal skills:
• Steal (Receive gold for every monster you attack this turn)
• Heal (Collect all healing potions)
• Repair (Collect all shields)
• Counterattack (Enemies attack themselves this turn)
• Golden Touch (Convert all swords to coins)
• Explosive Potion (Convert all potions to explosive ones. Match these to destroy nearby tiles)
• Skill Elixir (Collect all healing potions as XP)
• Enchant (Instant item upgrade)
• Slash (Collect a random row of tiles)
• Treasure (Collect all coins)
• Scavenge (Convert all swords to shields)
• Disarm (Convert all enemies to swords)
• Dazzle (Convert all coins to swords)
• Boost Gold (Double all gold collected this turn)
• Boost Health (Double all potions collected this turn)
• Trap (New monsters appear with 1 HP this turn)
• Big Game Hunter (Convert a random normal monster into a special monster)
• Treasure Chamber (All new tiles appearing this turn are coins)
• Magic Sword (Convert a random sword into a magic sword that does x5 dmg)